Each single zone wall-mounted installation ready unit comes with the following:

15 feet of copper tubing

15 feet of signal and power cables

In a multi zone unit set, what is included by default is only the chosen outdoor unit and the selected indoor units. Any copper tubing and electrical cabling is sold separately.

Yes, all our condensing units come pre charged with R410A refrigerant.

You can find the AHRI certification information at AHRI’s website ahridirectory.org.

The remote control can be found inside a small plastic pouch, along with the user's manual inside the box of the indoor unit. 

In order to qualify for our warranty, we require our Air-Con units be installed by a professional licensed HVAC installer. 

If you feel that your unit has not arrived when it should have, please contact us right away at customerservice@airconint.com. There could be freight delays or for some reason the destination terminal has had trouble contacting you to schedule the delivery of your unit. We can update you on the status of your shipment if there is any issue. 

If the shipment incurred damages in transit, we advise you to firstly reject the shipment. The freight company will take it back and we will ship you a replacement as soon as possible. 

Customer support

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