Aircon International Warehouse

Air-Con International has been providing quality air-conditioning products for residential and commercial customers since 2002. Our Shop Air-Con store launched in 2020 to better serve our customers and bring the Air-Con products direct to you. Shop Air-con strives to deliver value and quality to our new and repeat customers. We carry all Air-Con products including ductless mini-splits, multi-splits, ducted units and accessories.

 Experienced in Ductless & Beyond

With over 20 years of industry experience, Air-Con air-conditioning systems have been crafted to meet and exceed industry standards. Our products are AHRI certified and a variety are Energy Star certified. You can expect energy savings with our high-efficiency units. 

Comfort Directly to You

Our Shop Air-Con store provides easy access to Air-Con products anywhere within the contiguous United States. Enjoy a comfy home no matter the outside temperature with our cooling and heating units. Free shipping (within the contiguous U.S.)  and U.S. based tech support are just some of the perks of buying direct! 

Quality Matters

Air-Con cuts no corners with production quality. Your new air conditioner is built with the highest pro-grade components from top to bottom. Our Inverter Technology units combine whisper quiet operation and energy efficiency resulting in a more peaceful ambiance. Make every room your favorite room - order your Air-Con today and experience the difference! 


If you have any questions regarding our Air-Con products, warranty information or return policies please feel free to contact us Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM EST at (954) 771-1415 or email us at